Friday, February 11, 2011

Comfort TV

I’ve spent much of this week home sick with a bad cold. Not feeling particularly awful, but rather completely exhausted. While you might think this was a perfect recipe for catching up on the remaining films in my Oscar blitz, I just wasn’t feeling up to watching them, or anything really. But then I remembered I had all those episodes of Downton Abbey saved up on the dvr.

Like comfort foods that you only eat when you’re sick, or feeling nostalgic, Downton Abbey proved to be the ultimate comfort television, managing to weave together my Titanic obsession, love of drawing-room shenanigans and questions of entail, and appreciation for the upstairs/downstairs mix found in Agatha Christie mysteries and books like Mary Reilly. And, as a bonus, gorgeous clothes.

I was thrilled to learn that a second season is already in production. If you missed this gem during its PBS outing, be sure to catch it on DVD.

In the meantime, do you have any comfort books, movies, or television you turn to when sick?


John Marcher said...

Books- Pride and Prejudice.
Movies- Marilyn Monroe, Goodfellas, Christopher Guest's comedies, the remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
TV- Tivo'd operas from the Met, Streets of San Francisco.

Sylvie said...

Love P&P! Another great cautionary tale about the perils of entail. Those poor Bennett girls.

Your list of movies looks like a Sesame Street "one of these things" sketch gone horribly wrong.