Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Readers’ Choice Challenge Update

For those who don’t obsessively read the comments here, or who missed my update to the survey results post, I thought an update on the 2012 Book Challenge was in order.

Image ganked from "How May I Shush You Today?"

I have set up a secret group on Goodreads for discussing the books as I go along. Secret means that only members of the group can see the group, who’s in it, and what they post. So, if you are concerned about privacy but want to participate, you can easily sign up under a pseudonym without having it spider all the way through your Facebook connections.

I’ve set it up so each book has its own discussion folder; that way, if/when the main discussion spins off onto side topics, we can set up different discussion threads within each folder and keep like comments together. For the moment, there is a main reading thread and an author thread for each book on the list. Therefore, you can easily track just the discussions about the books you are reading or are interested in.

You can register and find me here. It is quite easy to set up an account and you can get an idea of how the site works in general by viewing my profile. You have to friend me in order for me to invite you to the group: when you do, please indicate you want to be part of the Sly Wit Book Challenge (especially if you are using a pseudonym, as I generally don’t friend people unknown to me through at least social media).

As for reading, I’ve gotten To the Lighthouse from the library and plan to read it over the next couple of weeks. After that, I’m planning on Lolita (since I’ll also be reading Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin in preparation for the ballet), followed by A Prayer for Owen Meany. However, in addition to discussion threads, Goodreads groups also let you do polls and right now I have one about reading Middlemarch and/or War and Peace starting February, so if you are interested in either of those, please join in and voice your opinion!

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