Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Awards

Thank you for standing by during last night’s technical difficulties.

And now the awards!

Best in Ballroom: Iveta & Pasha in “Ven A Bailar On The Floor” (Jason Gilkison)
Best in Contemporary: Sasha & Alexander in “Stupid” (Travis Wall)
Best in Hip Hop: Sasha & Twitch in “Misty Blue” (Christopher Scott)
Best in Jazz: Sasha & Melanie in “Game On” (Sonya Tayeh)

Sasha & Melanie in “Game On” by Sonya Tayeh

Best in Housewives: Melanie & Sasha, “Heart Asks Pleasure First” (Stacey Tookey)
Best in Statues: Melanie & Marko in “Turn to Stone” (Travis Wall)
Best Contemporary Concept: The Nightmare in “Precious Things” (Tyce Diorio)

Allison & Ricky in “Precious Things” by Tyce Diorio

Best Use of 80s Music: “Another One Bites the Dust” (Mandy Moore)
Best Use of 80s Music (runner-up): “Fashion” (Charles Klapow)
Best Performance (Comedy): Marko in “Whatever Lola Wants”
Best Performance (Drama): Melanie in “Skin & Bones”

Melanie & Marko in “Skin & Bones” by Dee Caspery

Best Performance (Mohawks): Sasha & Mark in “Raise Your Weapon”
Best Bird: Jordan as a vulture in “Brotsjor”
Best Bird (runner-up): Miranda as a woodpecker in “Break Ya Neck”
Best Flying Leap: Melanie in “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Jordan & Tadd in “Brotsjor” by Travis Wall

Best Solo: Melanie, “Cracks”
Best All-Star: Allison
Most Welcome All-Star: Ivan
Most Improved All-Star: Lauren
Least Charismatic All-Star: Robert
Male Contestant Who Got the Shaft: Nick
Female Contestant Who Got the Shaft: Miranda
Most Annoying Judge Favorite: Ryan
Most Tiresome Judge Refrain: Sasha’s “hard life” and its effect on her dancing
Best in Choreography: Travis Wall for “Stupid,” “Turn to Stone,” and “Brotsjor”

Melanie & Marko in “Turn to Stone” by Travis Wall

Best Judge Comment: Jesse Tyler Ferguson: “Travis took the classic ‘vulture stalks boy, boy almost succumbs to vulture, boy kills vulture’ story that we all know so well… we’ve seen it over and over… and he took it and he made it this brilliant, beautiful thing…”

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